Driveway Paving for New Homes

As a general contractor, there are hundreds of action items that need to be completed before a family can move into their new home. One of those key items is driveway paving. It’s something that homeowners look forward to and it’s a crucial element to complete the aesthetics of the house.

Nothing looks quite as good as fresh asphalt in front of a completed home. Home builders generally partner with local paving contractors to ensure that the driveway installations are completed in a timely manner. No one wants to delay the project when it only takes a few hours to construct a driveway and lay the asphalt.

When the paving company arrives, the first thing they do is survey the land and determine where the driveway will be placed. If the home is on a hill, they need to be aware of the grade of the slope. Too much of an angle can cause trouble during the winter season. If the ground is too steep, most pavers will extend the driveway’s path and lay asphalt on a curve until it reaches the edge of the road. This increases the price of the pavement for each additional foot added.

After the driveway paving process is complete, the asphalt needs a few hours to settle and dry. The contractors rope off the edge of the driveway and no one is allowed to touch it until typically the next day. The completed pavement adds to the home’s curb appeal and actually increases the value of the house by a few thousand dollars, so it’s well worth the hassle.

Albany, New York paving company Perfect Pave goes into more detail about the process in their blog posts. You can visit their website for more information on driveway paving.