Florida Residents Use Foam Insulation to Save on Cooling Costs

Located right on the coast, the state of Florida is known for its hot weather. Of all the services homeowners request, you may be surprised to learn that spray foam insulation is one of the most popular. Insulation is normally used in colder climates to save on heating bills. In this case, residents of Boca Raton are using spray foam to save on cooling costs. In a home or building, whenever there is an opening to the outside or another area, it can potentially allow for a draft. Air conditioning is then able to escape and the openings allow warm air in. This forces the air conditioner to work overtime as is tries to cool the temperature of the room down. As a result, energy bills spike and residents are forced to pay remarkably high electricity bills. Spray foam is an insulative application that can be sprayed into cracks and crevasses to stop this. When sprayed, it expands to take up 1-3 inches of space. Depending on the R-value, you can block heat transfer, prevent moisture entry, and soundproof a room with spray foam. Boca Raton residents can visit www.bocaratonsprayfoam.com to find a spray foam contractor nearby. Homeowners that have installed spray foam have seen immediate energy savings of up to 50%.