Home & Property Updates

When we built a new house, we had so many decisions to make.  I wanted concrete floors, but my husband was not sold on the idea.  He said they would be too cold and require too much maintenance.  He feared they’d chip and that we’d need to have it refinished all the time.  I spoke to a few different concrete companies in the area before settling on Syracuse Concrete Contractors. Their concrete service had 20 years of experience in custom flatwork for homes. You can visit their website to see the concrete services they offer. They provided a free estimate, and my husband liked what he heard.  Concrete floors can be customized with stamping, stain, and even paint.  They are easy and cheap to maintain.  They can even be patched if needed.  The price was what really sold him on the floors though.  While wood floors are also nice, they are more expensive in most cases.  They can attract bugs, like termites and ants.  They also are tricky and expensive to repair.  We don’t like tile or linoleum so those were out of the question.  We decided to have our countertops poured in cement too.  The designers said they could make them match or even blend.  We decided to have them blend.  Our floors and countertops are completed now.  We are finally in the home of our dreams.  I can’t imagine what our home would be like without the concrete.  It is a reflection of who we are and the style we always wanted.  I am happy I didn’t let my husband’s hesitation spoil the joy we have experienced from having our concrete dreams come to life.  We also had a walkway through the garden poured and a driveway too.  We got a fantastic discount for having multiple projects completed by the same concrete service.  If you’re in doubt about concrete, I highly recommend you do your research and be open to meeting with a reputable concrete service that can do a great job for you.  I will attest to the fact that in my book, concrete rocks!